We want to remember and thank these individuals and the companies that supported them for their time and effort in making the ISA Kansas City Section a viable and vibrant organization for over 70 years!

A huge THANK YOU to:

William Reichow Brown Instrument Company 1946-1947
Oliver Boutros Boutros Instrument and Lab 1947-1948
Lew Lewis Economy Equipment Company 1948-1949
Jack Blackburn Honeywell, Incorporated 1949-1950
Robert E. Cooke Airosol Corporation 1950-1951
Rhein Bennighoven Republic Flow Meters 1951-1952
Loren Obenhelman American Oil Company 1952-1953
Henry H. Schmall Lutz and May, Engineers 1953-1954
Lew Spies J. F. Pritchard Company 1954-1955
Jack C. Brous Phillips Petroleum Company 1955-1956
Edgar J. Bumsted Sullivan Mears Company 1956-1957
Milton Duncan Duncan Sales and Engineering 1957-1958
George Leggett Honeywell 1959-1960
Paul Allen Armco Steel Company 1960-1961
Kirk Campbell Kirk Campbell Company 1961-1962
Andy Zahner Burnes and Company 1962-1963
Eugene Wopata American Oil Company 1963-1964
Don Jones Phillips Petroleum 1964-1965
Bill Boschert Boschert Equipment Co. 1965-1966
Paul Grandcolas J. F. Pritchard Company 1966-1967
Charley Noel Armco Steel Corporation 1967-1968
Ralph Willy Valvtrol, Inc. 1968-1969
Gerald Bennet K. C. P. & L. 1969-1970
Fred Worth Power Specialties 1971-1972
Stan Wise B. J. Control Systems 1972-1973
Dick Roseberry B. R. Business Service 1973-1974
Harold Schwarts K. C. Calibration Lab 1974-1975
Lee Lewis (Pres. Pro Tem) Economy Power & Instrument 1975-1976
Ed Gilbert Jack M. Gilbert Company 1975-1976
Jim Underwood Mobay Chemicals 1976-1977
Bob H. Bloomquist Engineering Services Company 1977-1978
Glenn F. Conger Black and Veatch, Engineers 1978-1979
Bart Schwartz K. C. Calibration Lab 1979-1980
Jorge Carballeira Burns & McDonnell, Engineers 1980-1981
Jim Barrick Valvtrol, Inc. 1981-1982
Dick Roseberry (Pres. Pro Tem) Foxboro 1982-1983
George Blickley Static-O-Ring, Inc. 1982-1983
Stephen J. Weiss Power Specialities, Inc. 1983-1984
R. Dean Cook Dekoron 1984-1985
William E. Hockersmith Pritchard Corporation 1985-1986
L. A. Anderson Procter & Gamble 1986-1987
B. L. Butterfield B. J. Control Systems 1987-1988
Richard L. Smith Hercules, Inc. 1989-1990
Patrick F. Ryan Procter & Gamble 1990-1991
Gary R. Rothrock Lucas Controls Company 1991-1992
John Kling Black & Veatch 1992-1993
Steve Moss Economy Power 1993-1994
Alan Erickson Bibb & Assoc. 1994-1995
Ed Blend Puritan-Bennett 1995-1996
Larry Sieker CTI 1996-1997
J. C. Gross Black & Veatch Pritchard 1997-1998
Dennis Hampton Daco/Dave Allert Co. 1998-1999
Gary Grandcolas Control Devices & Instrumentation 1999-2000
Michael Gansman Industrial Network Systems 2000-2001
Ken Frederick, Jr. Midtec Associates, Inc. 2001-2002
Gary Kaplan CRB / QSPEC 2002-2011
Chad Schaffer Burns & McDonnell 2011-2012
Nikesh Regmi Burns & McDonnell 2012-2013
Peter Schulte Burns & McDonnell 2013-2014
Tom Rychlewski CRB 2014-2015
Nick Johnson CRB 2015-2016
Autrey B. Johnson III Burns & McDonnell 2016-2017
Ashley Weckwerth Burns & McDonnell 2017-present