John Wilson Webmaster

Message from the President – July, 2018

One fateful day in June, 2014 Tom Rychlewski asked “Wilson, what are you doing?” I carelessly replied “nuthin” and was immediately appointed WebMaster for ISAKC . Since that time I have been blessed to work with an incredible group of engineers to advance the art and science of automation and controls, provide scholarships and gain knowledge about a wide variety of topics.

2018 ISA Division Symposia Events

Make it part of your annual professional and organizational development plans to participate in an ISA Technical Division Symposium Industry-Specific Content-Rich Expert-Developed Be sure to take advantage of the outstanding professional development and networking opportunities provided through these unique, niche industry conference and exhibition events. You’ll have the opportunity to benefit from face-to-face experiences with…

Letter from the President – June 2016

It is my honor and a great privilege to assume the role of President of the Kansas City Section of the International Society of Automation for the 2016 -2017 term. As my term as President of ISA KC Section has just started, I would like tell you about the exciting and wonderful events that we have scheduled for our members this term, the section vision, and the section goals.

To provide an avenue for the continued technical and professional development of Instrument, Control Systems (I&CS) and Automation Professionals in the Kansas City Metro Area.

Goals for 2016 – 2017
Provide a professional network for I&CS, and Automation professionals.
Provide technical training for its members and professionals